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Welcome to our website, where we offer you an outstanding collection of rare historic aircraft for sale.

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Our aircraft fleet

We are proud to present a unique selection of historic aircraft and warbirds that not only have historical value, but also represent a piece of living history. Our aircraft have been carefully restored and maintained to ensure they remain in their original condition. If you are looking for a very special piece of aviation history, you are at the right place.

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What's behind Tina Fly?

With Tina Fly, we (Tina und Achim) have turned our passion into our profession. In short, our business model revolves around historic aircraft and warbirds. We take care of their restoration, marketing and sale.

But of course there is much more behind it… 


A unique collection throughout Europe

Hangar 2 is located directly at the EDTG airfield and is managed by Tina Fly.
As a former military hangar, it adds to the exceptional historical background and lets the beauties rest in their natural environment until their next flight.

Looking for a hangar space?

We provide the warbirds you need.
Contact us, we have worldwide contacts to find the right historic aircraft for you.

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