The only one flying in the World

FIAT G.59-4B

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FIAT G.59-4B

The Fiat G.59 was developed from the G.55. This was also known as the “Centauro”. The Italian fighter was developed during the Second World War. It was one of the fastest and most powerful fighters used by the Italian Air Force.

With a top speed of about 660 km/h, it can easily compete with other warbirds of that time.

The ONE and only!

The FIAT Fighter/Trainer is a mistery, such a great Warbird, with a smooth Merlin -500 up front and the huge 4-blade HS Paddle-Propeller can compete with all other Warbirds within the “Merlin” class.
She is so nice and easy to fly. The hydraulic system operates the main landing gear, the flaps, the oil cooler and radiator flaps, the carburettor heater and the seat adjustment.

Why is there only one left flying? No idea, but, the wing design is very special. Instead of a 1 piece rib, it needs 16 pieces to get 1 wing rib together, so make sure your FIAT has a good set of Wing Spars, with 4 Spars on each side. Our sheet metal guys call it the “Spaghetti” Spars, very expensive to produce and maybe it is the most expensive job to rebuild a FIAT spar?

Technical data

Fiat G.59_D-FIAT_1





Serial number


Year of construction



EDTG (Bremgarten airfield), Germany


1x Rolls Royce Merlin – 500-20, 


Hamillton Standard 24D-50 “Paddle Blades”


  • Airframe Total Time: 580h
  • Engine: 10h SMOH by Vintage V-12’s Inc
  • Propellers: 10h SMOH by San Antonio Propeller Service


Original Panels and Instruments, light Grey 9 of 10


Polished with Italian Air Force markings 


  • 2x Becker – Remote Radios, X-Ponder
  • PS1200 intercom


  • Pressure Carburator
  • Electrical Emergency Hydraulik Pump
  • P-51D Mustang Fuel Pumps
  • Cleveland Brakes
  • Full Dual Control
  • Hydraulik Operated Carb Heat, Radiator Door Operation and Seat Adjustment
  • Ldg-Gear and Flaps control

An absolute rarity​

Italian fighters are very rare in the world’s warbird skies, so this aircraft is also an absolute rarity.

The Italian Job

One of the nicest and the most easy Warbird to fly, very original and unique.

Che bella macchina

…nothing more to say.