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In a nutshell – Tina Fly manages the restoration, marketing and sale of historic aircraft.

First and foremost, this applies to the company’s own aircraft, but also to aircraft belonging to customers and clients. But behind the scene there is of course a lot of passion and fascination…

The passion and people behind it

Passion for old aircraft, that’s in the blood of our professional pilot Achim Meier.

Through years of professional experience he has built up a large network in the aviation scene worldwide.

Achim, who founded the world-renowned warbird maintenance company Meier Motors GmbH with his brother Elmar in 2006, fulfilled his heart’s desire in 2018 with Tina Fly – to restore his own aircraft as best as possible according to his personal ideas without restrictions.

For this purpose he has chosen no less than an A-26 Douglas Invader!

To make this dream come true Achim Meier and Martina (Tina) Paul joined forces.
Tina shares Achim’s fascination for warbirds and manages the operational part of the company in the background. She is more or less the boss and it’s no secret, she has our crew under control.

The team is completed by Jiri Fliger (authorized FAA inspector) and his guys from JF Aircraft Services. It is thanks to them that the A-26 Invader has become a shining lightning in the sky after now almost 4 years of restoration!

The Place of action • Hangar ii

We are very proud to host one of Europe’s largest collections of historic aircraft at our hangar in Bremgarten.

A dream of all aircraft enthusiasts! From the small Bücker Jungmeister to the solid T-28, the much sought-after Spitfire, Mustang and Corsair to the rare Grumman Wildcat – we have them all!

Group photo of the Tina Fly team
Team Tina Fly from left to right: Anne Zimmermann (marketing), Achim Meier (CEO), Jiri Fliger (Team JF Aircraft Services), Martina Paul (managing director), Jan Sopousek (Team JF Aircraft Services), Felix Olhoff (hangar manager)


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